Knocks Digital

Digital Marketing Analytics and Reporting

You can’t improve what you don’t track.

How’s your business doing?

The first step Knocks Digital takes with any client we bring on is to ensure we have Google Analytics, or other analytics program set up correctly. We can’t claim success if we don’t first measure where we’re coming from.

What’s driving my business?

Once our analytics program of choice is setup, we can then start reporting. Are your users coming in through paid channels? Can you push more free traffic through search and social media? Of the traffic you’re paying for, what’s most effective in turning clicks into customers?

If you’ve worked with a marketing firm in the past, and they didn’t answer your questions on whether or not their services are having any effect on your bottom line, know that Knocks Digital is not that kind of agency. We firmly believe in guiding our clients to the right solutions to move their bottom lines, not ours.

If you need help in determining whether your digital marketing is making you money, or just costing you money, reach out for analytics reporting services for your small business.